Can get better campaigners than Priyanka Gandhi, there are other pretty women: BJP leader's sexist remark

BJP leader Vinay Katiyar has joined the league of sexist netas after stating that he would get women prettier than Priyanka Gandhi as campaigner.

Soon after Janta Dal (United) leader, Sharad Yadav on January 24 made a sexist remark on women, BJP leader Vinay Katiya joined the league of sexists politicians and took a jibe at Priyanka Gandhi saying that he could get better star campaigner for the upcoming elections and that there were prettier women.

“Will get star campaigners for the elections, There are more beautiful women,” Vinay Katiyar said.Vinay Katiyar has been the national secretary of the BJP in the past and is an Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha. Vinay Katiyar was also the President of the BJP Unit of the Uttar Pradesh from 2002-2004.

Meanwhile, Sharad Yadav, while addressing to the gathering of people in Bihar said that it is ‘necessary to understand about the importance of ballot paper. The integrity of vote is bigger than the integrity of daughter’.

He did not stop here, Yadav continued, if a daughter looses honour, whole village gets effected but if a vote gets sold than it is the honour of the country that is lost. And the dreams that we have seen for future cannot be fulfilled.

Justifying himself over the statement that he had made, Yadav said, “Love should be the same for both daughter and vote. I did not say anything wrong, the way you love your daughter, in the same manner you should also love your vote, only then a good nation and a good government can be formed.”

National Commission for Women issued notice to the senior JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav over his statement “Beti ki izzat se vote ki izzat badi hai” in Patna. Reacting on a statement, BJP said,’Sharad Yadav should apologize’. Election Commission should intervene in the matter, demands lawyer Abha Singh.