TISS warns its students to stay away from DU and JNU agitation

TISS director S Parasuraman sent an email to the students on March 3, warning them to stay away from the protests and to rather focus on the academics

After the students union of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) disapproved of the actions of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) for avowed hooliganism in Ramjas College, New Delhi, the director of the institution S Parasuraman has asked the students to stay away from disruptive forces and concentrate on their studies.

The leaked email sent on March 3 by Parasuraman to the students read, “What is happening in Delhi University and JNU are very different.” “TISS cannot afford to get dragged into problems — DU and JNU are very powerful institutions and they can afford to engage in matters of the kind that is happening there. TISS is a simple institution that is working very hard to stay afloat — do not get it trapped into difficulties,” it followed.

On discrimination complaints in the college, he further added, “ From what I hear, there may be elements feeding to all forms of discrimination, including reverse form. I am aware that there are disruptive persons within and outside the campus wanting to create trouble in the name of ideologies. Please be aware of them.”

It was only a week ago that the institute’s student union issued a statement in support of the students of Delhi University. “The TISS Students’ Union condemns the ABVP’s repeated attempts across the country to suppress democratic spaces and voices, and stands in solidarity with the students of Delhi University,” read the statement released by the students’ union. Many believe that the letter from the director could be the result of several protests held on campus in the past few months.

In an exclusive to InUth, S Parasuraman, confirmed about the email, “Exams and placements are approaching. Taking this into consideration, I have sent an email to students to focus on their studies because academics are more important and if they don’t attend exams how will they get graduate. There was a mention of other institutes because those universities are bigger and TISS is just a  simple institute which is struggling to stay afloat. Parents send their students to study so I have to take responsibility. “

When asked about the media reports on censorship in universities, he said, “Newspapers should write responsibly,  students who come to study should not get affected and media should  report with responsibility on such matter “