Print entrance exam papers in Hindi too, demand Delhi's Ambedkar University aspirants

Ambedkar University claims that till the time they make adequate arrangements, they can’t move in this direction straight away.

As the admission season is nearing, Delhi’s Ambedkar University, is facing the ire of students over its medium of examination for its entrance exams. The students have been demanding the university to print the entrance exam papers in not only English but also Hindi, especially on account of it being a state university.

Over the past week, the campus has seen many protest, and even a referendum. Students claim that since the university has 85 per cent of its seats reserved for students from Delhi — Hindi should be a medium of examination.

Krantikari Yuva Sangathan had even organised a referendum on the issue and according to reports, of the 400 students who participated, 92 per cent voted in the affirmative.

The University on the other hand claims that when the varsity was formed, it was decided that the medium of instruction would be English. The idea was to move to other languages but it remains English. The management claims that till the time they make adequate arrangement, they can’t move in this direction straight away. They agree that the demand of the students is legitimate, but they need time to make it possible.

Last year, the Ambedkar University was in news after the cutoff had touched 100% for a few subjects. The university had asked for a 100% cutoff from Commerce students from Delhi who wanted to study sociology and history at the university.

Even for those who studied arts and science in class 11-12, the cutoff was above 90% in most subjects.

For non-Delhi students, the 100% cutoff was for five courses – BA hons in English, history, psychology, sociology, and humanities and social sciences.