Here's Another Reason To Be Jealous Of IIT, IIM Grads — They Earn Twice As Much As You

The average salary package offered in top IITs is Rs 11.1 lakh per annum whereas top IIM graduates get Rs 20.6 lakh on average

According to a report by Mettl, a talent measurement solutions provider, entry-level packages for those graduating from top IIT institutes is more than double the average salary package of an engineering graduate in India. Whereas the average package of an engineering graduate is around Rs 4.7 lakh per annum, the highest average package offered in the top IITs is Rs 11.1 lakh per annum.

The most rewarded field of study in engineering colleges remains to be CS/IT, who are paid 48% more than the average salary, followed by Electrical, Mechanical and Civil. The top employers for CS/IT are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services. The top IITs include Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Roorkee, Kharagpur and Chennai.

iit mettl

Data & Chart: Mettl

According to the report,

“New IITs are catching up fast with top NITs in terms of compensation packages offered, especially for CS or IT graduates where new IITs have surpassed top NITs.”

When it comes to MBA, the top IIMs such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta offer 121% higher salary package than as compared to an average MBA graduate. Whereas the average package of management graduates in India is Rs 9.3 lakh per annum, top IIM graduates get the highest average salary package of Rs 20.6 lakh per annum. Technology is the most sought-after management domain with salary package averaging Rs 14.8 lakh, the ideal combination still being BTech + MBA.

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Data & Chart: Mettl

Consultant, Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Product Manager and Management Trainee emerge as the most popular job roles in which maximum hiring is taking place. The top employers for management institutes are Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, KPMG, HDFC and Cognizant.

The data is based on the responses collected from 114 engineering colleges and 80 management institutes across India during the first six months of 2018.