Failed in one subject in CBSE Class 10 board exam? Here is how you can still pass

In case a student fails in one subject out of five in CBSE Class 10 board exam, the students still have a chance to pass the exam. Here's how

Days after the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared their class 10 board exam results 2017, the board announced that class 10 students will be allowed to add their vocational subject as a sixth paper. The class 10 board exam that was optional is all set to become mandatory again from 2018.

According to a report Indian Express, if a student does fail to pass a paper out of the five subjects, he will be allowed to replace it with the vocational subject marks while he/she is calculating their percentile. “This provision was passed in the meeting as there was a feeling among all that vocational subjects should be given emphasis,” the daily quoted a member of the boards as saying.

The board further asserted that the decision to do away with the moderation policy will be taken by the Human Resource Development Ministry’s Inter Board Working Group, Indian Express reported. CBSE and other 32 boards had decided that they would be scrapping moderation policy that basically raised a student’s marks to students for the difficult questions. “There is a clause in our bylaws that in order to maintain near parity of pass percentage of students vis-a-vis previous years, the board can give extra marks which do not reflect the actual performance. We want to scrap this,” a board official had said.

However, Delhi High Court directed the board to not scrap the moderation policy mid-way and as it was not fair to the students who had appeared for the board exams this year.

The board was also reportedly considering to move the Supreme Court against the Delhi High Court’s order while hinting that the results could be delayed further. The board did not approach the apex court at that particular time and announced the results. However, if media reports are to be believed the board is considering to scrap moderation policy in the upcoming academic session.

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