'Buy this magical pen and you will surely pass board exams,' guarantees Gujarat temple

A Gujarat temple is selling a pen that is apparently "guaranteed" to help students pass board exams. Here are the details

It is that time of the year, you guys! When class 10 and class 12 students are told by their parents, teachers, friends, relatives, nosy aunties that it was a make or break situation for them. While some take it as just any other exams, some stress themselves out to the core and suffer from anxiety thinking about the results. Let’s face it, your board results decide the college you will go to and the subjects that you might want to study in the future.

As bizarre it may sound, a temple in Gujarat is now selling that is apparently the solution to every stress and anxiety issues that a student faces during board exams. Not only that, but the temple has also guaranteed that the student is sure to pass in board exams if they use this pen.

According to an India Today report, Kashthabhanjan Temple in Gujarat is selling a pen set that has been efficiently designed with the blessing acquired after performing a “Hanuman Saraswati Yagya.” Also, did you really think this is going to be cheap? Certainly not. The pen set costs Rs 1900. Additionally, the designers of the have assured that a student is likely to do well in boards and have also promised a full refund if the student fails.

The reports further adds that the makers have also distributed leaflets that hit the sentiments of the students and the parents by putting forth questions like, “Do you want your child to pass his exams? Are you worried that your child may lose a year due to poor results? Do you wish your child passes his Class 8,9, SSC, HSC or College exams?” Smart.

Also, when you do go to buy this pen, you will have to provide details including students name, school ID, a photocopy of the hall ticket etc.

Well, it happens only in India.