Buxar DM suicide: In a video, Mukesh Pandey explained why he took the extreme step

The 32-year-old Pandey was 2012 batch IAS officer . His video clearly hints at strife in his marital life

The death of Buxar District Magistrate Mukesh Pandey who committed suicide at Ghaziabad railway station on Thursday night was heart breaking. Police recovered a suicide note in which he said he is taking the extreme step out of his volition.

“I am Mukesh Pandey, IAS 2012 batch Bihar cadre presently posted as DM Buxar. I am committing suicide of my own volition and after my death please inform my relatives about my suicide. I am residing in room 742 of Leela Palace, Delhi. Detailed suicide note in my bag,” said the suicide note.

Before committing suicide, Pandey also wrote messages to his relatives to inform them what he is going to do.

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The 32-year-old Pandey was 2012 batch IAS officer and he was earlier posted in Katihar, Bihar and had just moved to Buxar.

Now a video has emerged that clearly hints at strife in his marital life. In the purported video which he recorded at Buxar Circuit House in Bihar, Pandey said,” I have made plan that I will tell lie and go to Delhi to commit suicide. Please inform my family members.”

“I am a simple peace loving man. Since marriage, there have been ups and down in my life. We often argue on something or the other. We both have different personalities.”

He also talked about the ongoing problem between his wife and his parents

“My parents and wife have constant tussle. Their tussle has made my life difficult. They love me a lot but excess of everything is bad,” he said in the five-minute long video.

“My wife loves me a lot and even I love her. There is a lot of turmoil in my married life. She is an extrovert and has an aggressive personality. I am an introvert and peace loving person,” he said.

He also mentioned about thinking of taking the path of spiritualism and social work but decided against it, since he felt that his existence was “meaningless”.

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“Nobody is to be blamed for my suicide. I have lost the will to live,” he said.

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