Bodies of college boy and girl found naked in Lonavala, police suspects suicide

The bodies have been identified by the police through the identity card recovered along with the body

In a shocking incident, two dead bodies, a boy and a girl, have been recovered from a barren area between Bhushi dam and INS Shivaji in Lonavala on April 3. As per the police reports, the recovered dead bodies are of Lonavala college students and the identification has been done on the basis of the identity cards recovered along with bodies. However, both the bodies carry several marks of injury and the faces were damaged.

As per the identity cards, boy’s name was Sarthak Waghchore and was 24-year-old who hailed from Rahuri, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. While the girl’s name was Shruti Sanjay Dumbre from Otur in Junnar taluk, Pune district and was 22-year-old.

What’s the case?

As per the police investigation reports, both Sarthak and Shruti studies in the Sinhagad Engineering College in Lonavala. On April 2, both didn’t return to their accommodations while no missing complaint was filed. Sarthak lived in a rented house while Shruti lived in the college hostel.

The police is suspecting that both the boy and girl were in a love relationship and committed suicide. But the marks of injury and the condition in which the bodies were recovered are compelling the police to conduct the probe from an of murder. The police have also recovered Sarthak’s bike which was parked 200 m away from the death spot.

The investigating officer stated that the bodies were first spotted by a tribal cattle herder on a mountain between Bhusi dam and INS Shivaji with several injuries on the head and hands while there were no clothes on their bodies.

As per the media reports, senior inspector of Lonavala City police station, Chandrakant Jadhav, said that the dog squad has been deployed at the spot in search for clues. The police said they are also investigating the case through other angles. The parents of the girl have also been informed.