BJP seeks votes in MCD polls for roads built in Canada

This is not the first time BJP media cell have posted photo-shopped images

Social media gaffes have lately become less uncommon and Bharatiya Janata Party seems to have aced this art . The latest one to commit twitter blunder is the official handle of saffron party’s Delhi unit.With only two weeks left for Municipal elections, BJP’s Delhi unit walked an extra mile to prove that they have worked really hard for their people.

While patting their own back for the good work in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, the saffron party tweeted a photo from Richmond City of Canada, and misrepresented it as a Delhi street. The Tweet said the BJP Municipal corporation “replaced 2 lakh Sodium Street Lights with LED lights”.

“South Delhi Municipal Corporation replaced more than 2 Lakhs street lights with LED lights, this will save approx. 425 Cr for SDMC in 7 Yrs,” said the tweet which has been deleted now

However, it emerged that the website of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne also has a similar picture.

Twitteratis were quick to point out the mistake but the municipality officials are yet to respond to the photo.


This is not the first time BJP media cell have posted photo-shopped images.

BJP’s election manifesto in Varanasi showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a huge gathering but a close examination of the image revealed that it was copy pasted.

Another embarrassment came for Press Information Bureau during Chennai floods, the media cell posted a heavily photoshopped image of PM Modi gazing at the flooded city

The image that showed Modi doing a menial job to propagate his image of a Chaiwala also turned out to be fake.


BJP’s Sambit Patra also became a laughing stock after he put out a photoshopped image of Indian tricolour during a newshour debate with Arnab Goswami. However it emerged that the image was a photoshopped version of Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph shot by Joe Rosenthal that became a symbol of the American victory over the island of Iwo Jima in the Indian Ocean.