BJP NDMC Mayor Ravinder Gupta embarrases the national anthem, sings wrong and laughs

BJP NDMC Mayor caught singing the national anthem wrongly on camera.

BJP MDMC Mayor Ravinder Singh adds to the party’s embarrassment by singing the National Anthem wrong. A video surfaced on Twitter yesterday where the mayor, along with some eight people, is singing the National Anthem. Everyone except for Gupta are seen singing correctly in synchrony.

Gupta is horrendous in the clip using ‘Jarat’ for ‘Bharat’, blundering the last lines of the song and laughing while he is being filmed. The year has already been charged with the fervor of pseudo, hyper nationalism and the Janata Party’s latest stress on inducing ‘desh prema’ is raging the twitterati and people over social media.

Listen to it by yourself here:

A close to 20 people were arrested last week for not standing to the National Anthem, after the latest Supreme Court shenanigan to play National Anthem in the theatres before the screening of a film. The mandate will purportedly “instill a feeling within one a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism”. The verdict states that all the cinema halls have to stay shut while the Anthem in played and an image of national flag should be carried out on the screen.