BJP MP gives this bizarre reason of why some Muslims don't vote for the party

BJP MP Parvesh Verma made this insensitive statement against the Muslims giving a completely bizarre reason of why Muslims may not vote BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Parvesh Verma, mace a shocking statement saying that Muslims may not vote for the BJP because it was a “patriotic” party.

While addressing a rally in Baghpat city of Uttar Pradesh just ahead of assembly elections, the BJP leader further said that the Muslims kept away from the party and did not want to get involved in the developments planned by the party. The MP did not stop there. He went on to ask the media as to why are all the terrorists Muslims.

“We have never cared about vote banks. The Muslim community has never voted nor will they voted in the coming future. There’s just one simple thing. Why are all the terrorists in every country a Muslim and why don’t Muslims vote the BJP? It is because the BJP is a patriotic party and they will never vote for us,” he said.

He further asserted that he does not care about any particular community and assured that the Ram Mandir will be built.

Verma drew flak for his insensitive comments from several quarters and defended himself later saying that he did not have a problem with any particular community and that his government did not introduce schemes for any specific community but all the people across the nation can benefit from the development.

Congress’s Chief Ministerial candidate for the Uttar Pradesh, Sheila Dikshit slammed the BJP saying that Verma’s comments showed the party’s agenda and the party was only indulging in communal divide. She furtehr asserted that it was a person’s right to follow as certain religion.