Bike-borne men flee with Rs 27 lakh after staff leaves ATM van door open

From the CCTV footage available, police said that two thieves had their face covered

After ATM staff left the doors of the van open while refilling the ATM at Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar area, three men on motorbike ran away with Rs 26.17 lakh cash which was kept in the van. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon and police is investigating it from two aspects: as a case of carelessness from ATM staff side or intentionally done.

In a report published in Times of India, Jitendra Singh, the custodian of the van told police that he had gone inside the ATM to replenish it and there was one guard with him. Two other personnel Gaurav, Mohd Nadeem and driver Sanjay came out of the van while the trunk in which cash was kept was not locked and the rear door of the van was also open.

After few minutes, three men on a motorbike stopped near and a car and took the money kept in the trunk and fled away. In the police investigation, Nadeem and Gaurav said that they were chatting and did not notice the bikers. However, officials are checking CCTV cameras to come get through to thieves.

From the CCTV footage available, police told that two thieves had their face covered and the third one was wearing a cap.

Singh informed officials that before the incident took place they had filled two ATMs in the Karol Bagh area and were going towards Connaught place.

Mandeep Singh Randhawa, DCP, central said, “We have registered a case of theft on the basis of the complaint by the cash custodian and are probing all possible angles.”