Bihar's Litti Chokha makes it to Manila International Food Fest, to battle it out against other cuisines

Bihar's popular dish Litti Chokha will compete against famous American and Thai cuisines and delicacies like Mexican Taco at Manila food festival

Bihar’s famous delicacy, “Litti Chokha” is all set to compete against a number of American and Thai cuisine in one of the most popular Manila food festival. A Traditional Bihar dish, Litti is whole wheat dough balls stuffed with a spiced mix of roasted gram flour or sattu and chokha is prepared by mashing boiled potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant together with spices.

As a per a Hindustan Times report, Litti Chokha will give a tough competition to New York’s popular dish red hook lobster pound, and Thailand’a Mexican Taco at the food festical that will be start from May 31.

The report further stated that Dinesh Kumar who is a Litti expert will represent India along with tikki-chaat specialist from the national capital, Dalchand and Rekha Devi. The five-day food extravaganza will welcome 17 counties and have at least 30 stalls.

While speaking to the daily, Dinesh affirmed that Litti Chokha does get appreciated at the food festival, it will not only be a proud moment for the country but will also motivate the street food vendors across the country. “Mine is a rags to riches tale. I left my home in Darbhanga district in north Biharat quite a young age and came to the state capital, Patna, 127 km away, to earn money. For some time I worked at a roadside dhaaba (eatery) and sold nuts on pavements near Patna Museum and at Mauryalok shopping complex,” HT quoted Dinesh as saying.

The team is gearing up to represent the country under the banner of National Association of Streetfood Vendors of India (NASVI).