Bihar Cop Arrests Man Who Questioned Him For Not Wearing Helmet

The policeman allegedly assaulted the man forcing him into a jeep and took him to the police station

A cop in Buxar, Bihar was confronted for riding a bike without wearing the helmet. The policeman allegedly assaulted the man forcing him into a jeep and took him to the police station where he was arrested. The youth was reportedly released from the lockup only after the video went viral. The sub-inspector was later suspended.

Earlier, videos and pictures of policemen in Gujarat went viral for flouting traffic rules.

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 which was implemented from September 1 has resulted in hefty challans as high as Rs 1.41 lakh. Many states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have either reduced fines or not implemented the high fines at all.

Over 1.5 lakh people die in road accidents in the country every year, and over 5 lakh people are injured. The majority of the accidents (78.4%), PRS analysis shows, results from drivers’ faults.

India is a signatory to the Brasilia declaration, under which it must reduce accidents and traffic fatalities by 50% by 2022.