BHU's first woman chief proctor denounces restriction on alcohol, dress code for women students

Royana Singh is also the head of the BHU's woman grievance cell, and announced measures to crack down on eve-teasing in the varsity campus

Soon after being appointed as Banaras Hindu University’s first woman chief proctor, Royana Singh directed that there would be no restrictions on alcohol consumption or dresses code for female students on the university campus. Besides this, she also categorically stated that there won’t be any curb on serving non-vegetarian food in the mess. Singh, a professor of anatomy in the varsity’s Institute of Medical Sciences, was raised in the French town of Royan.

“As far as drinking is concerned, all the girls are above 18. Why should we even impose a thought on them,” she told a leading news website.

“I was born in Europe and continue to travel there and Canada. Imposing a restriction of dress on girls is like putting curbs on myself. If we cannot wear what we are comfortable in, then it is a shame in this era. I find it totally strange when boys refer to girls as skimpily clad. In case a girl feels comfortable in what she wears, what’s their objection?” Singh, who also heads the university’s women grievance cell, added further.

Royana Singh added that she would be introducing measures to check eve-teasing and hooliganism on the campus. “We will be installing pillars for CCTV cameras, besides these big cars and trolleys will not be allowed. Barricading will be done to prevent bikes from speeding on the campus,” she told TOI.

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On September 27, Mahendra Kumar Singh was appointed as the BHU’s interim chief proctor. His appointment had come a day after ON Singh quit his post after taking moral responsibility for the incidents of alleged molestation of a student and subsequent violence on the campus.

Source: TOI

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