#BestOfInUth: These Are The 6 Most Unforgettable Videos Of 2018

Our year was filled with way too many interesting ups and downs

Some of the episodes that made headlines in 2018 have often given us a reality check of the increasingly problematic age we live in. Our year was filled with way too many interesting ups and downs but there was never a dull moment in the world of news. We have a compiled a list of the six most interesting stories our team did this year.

1. These Farmers Have The Perfect Solution For Stubble Burning

Delhi is infamous for its deplorable air quality during winters, and one of the primary reasons for that is attributed to stubble burning by farmers of Haryana and Punjab. But in Ludhiana’s Manki village, two farmers may have the solution that could possibly eradicate the problem of stubble burning once and for all.

2. A Human Calculator: This 12-Year-Old Can Solve Sums Of Crores In Seconds

How long would you take to recite the tables for 20 crores? This 12-year-old child prodigy from Saharanpur takes about two to three seconds to calculate extremely complex multiplications, additions, or subtractions.

3. This Adorable Dog Has The Most Difficult Job In The World

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has a special team which is an indispensable part of their rescue operations, an 18-member canine squad. The 13 Labradors and 5 German Shepherds are trained soldiers who help in searching and rescuing people who are stuck during disasters and calamities.

4. More Cancelled Bookings & Islamophobia: What It Means To Be A Muslim Cab Driver

In April, a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad had cancelled a cab, owing to the driver’s religion. He had also shared a screenshot of the cancelled ride with a caption stating he didn’t want to give his money to “jihadi people”. We spoke to a few Muslim cab drivers in the national capital, who shared their everyday ordeal.

5. One Small Step That Can Change The Way The Deaf Watch Films

What is the point of watching a movie if you miss out on their iconic dialogues? That’s what the deaf, and those hard of hearing, have to go through every single time they feel like watching a movie. Since there are usually no subtitles for most movies, they have to lip-read their way through their favourite Bollywood films. Filmmakers and exhibitors could ensure that watching their movies is a more inclusive experience with a simple step – making sure every movie has subtitles.

6. From Slums To Jamaica, India’s Own Usain Bolt

Nisar Ahmed is India’s own Usain Bolt as he broke two national records (Under-16) and registered the best time in 100 metre (10.76 seconds) and 200 metre (21.73 seconds) sprint. Nisar, who comes from a humble background, made headlines in September 2017.