Bengaluru woman accuses cop of stealing her scooter, police tweet out her address instead

The woman alleged that instead of releasing their scooter, the Bengaluru Police bullied them and even asked them to "get a man to handle this."

In a recent occurrence, a Bengaluru cop has been accused of stealing a woman’s scooter and then charging her a fee to restore their property. The woman detailed the entire incident in a tweet about how a policeman allegedly stole her sister’s scooter and later accused her of negligence, even charging them a fee. The tweet, which was posted on Thursday, has now gone viral.

Sandhya Ramesh narrated how at 3:30 AM on November 2, the policeman allegedly snuck into their apartment’s parking lot, evaded the guard’s eye, and took the scooter away to Frazer Town depot. When the woman and her sister went to get the scooter released, they were told that the vehicle was found at Ulsoor Lake where someone had tried stealing it. The women were accused of being irresponsible and were charged a “negligence fee” in cash with no receipt. The women were made to wait at the police station for hours during which they were allegedly bullied before they could leave with their vehicle.

“The officers told us the whole time to get a man to handle this, why are two girls roaming around on scooters, that our fee was discounted because we’re girls; for boys, they charge double or triple,” she wrote.

When they went to check the security footage of their apartment, they were shocked to find a policeman keeping an eye out for the guards as he stood by the scooter. The video was posted on Twitter.

The official Twitter handle of DCP Traffic East extended support to the woman, following which, Deputy Commissioner Ajay Hilori posted a tweet defending the actions of the police. In the tweet, Hilori attached a photo of the complaint, giving out the address of the woman.

Following her initial tweet, others started blaming the Bengaluru police for their misdemeanour, which apparently, is a common problem.

Is this the kind of behaviour we expect from our law enforcement?