Bengaluru will #NetflixAndChill with a streaming theatre and we are very jealous

You can now watch all your favourite Netflix and Amazon Prime shows on a theatre screen now all thanks to a Bengaluru startup — Teriflix.

Your most dependable weekend date might be Netflix, but you must admit that the streaming site isn’t without its own shortcomings. Netflix shrinks your world to a laptop screen (or a Smart TV if you’re fancy).  For every other film, you always have the option of catching it in cinema, but movies available on a web-based platform? Yeah, you gotta settle with your limited inches. Anyone who is addicted to online streaming knows the pain of a smaller screen.

However, a Bengaluru startup called TERIFLIX has made it possible for you to stream all your favourite Netflix and Amazon Prime shows and watch it on a big screen for a wholesome theatrical experience.

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Hoping to capitalise on the growing mania for web series and movies, brothers Prashanth and Praveen Udupa turned their Girinagar property in South Bengaluru into a cosy theatre with a seating space for 18 people. Enough room for a private screening with friends and family, right?

Teriflix, Netflix, Theatre Screening

Praveen (L) and Prashanth Udupa (R). (Courtesy: Facebook/TERIFLIX)

The TERIFLIX theatre has a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos sound system and streams movies/shows from your Netflix or Amazon Prime account, projecting it in full HD onto a 135-inch screen. And, you don’t really have to worry about buffering, thanks to their 100 Mbps internet. The mini-theatre also allows filmmakers to hold special screenings of their movies if they wish to.

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Another plus for the TERIFLIX theatre is that here you can get your own food so you don’t have to worry about expensive popcorn. Take that, PVR! It’s strictly vegetarian (no booze either), but it’s still something, right?

Teriflix, Netflix, Theatre Screening

The mini-theatre boasts 13 theatre style seats, a three-seater sofa and two bean bags.
(Courtesy: Facebook/TERIFLIX)

But that’s not even the best part. You know how you’re watching a movie in theatres and you happen to be distracted and miss a scene? Well, here you can pause, rewind, forward, add subtitles… Basically, do whatever you feel like! It’s your private space.

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The Udupa brothers now hope to expand their options to other online streaming services, while the rest of the Indian cities just hope they were as cool as Bengaluru.