Beef fry served in breakfast at meeting before Kerala Assembly begins discussion on cattle slaughter

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan said the announcement made by the centre regulating cattle trade is a step taken to curb people's right to eat what they want

Days after Centre put out a notification banning sale of cattle in open market, the special session of Kerala assembly began on Thursday with a meeting where beef fry was served for breakfast. Ironically, beef was served just before the lawmakers sat down to discuss the Centre’s new cattle trade and slaughter rules. Terming it as “anti-federal” and “anti-people”, the assembly called the announcement made by the Centre as a step taken to curb people’s right to eat.

 A canteen staff on the condition of anonymity told IANS that usually when the Assembly is in session, beef is served after 11 am. “But today, with the session wholly devoted to discussing the beef issue, we brought 10 kg of beef early in the morning,” he added.

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The day-long session started by Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan introducing a resolution criticising the union government for the manner in which it went ahead with a new rule of regulating cattle trade in May. Barring one BJP member who is also the lone member of the party in the assembly, all the other legislators supported the resolution introduced by the Kerala CM. Pinarayi Vijayan said since the announcement, as many as 5 lakh people involved in cattle trade have been affected.

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“This new rule is nothing but a blatant violation of the rights of individuals to eat what they wish and want. This new rule will hugely affect the agrarian society of our state and also our country,” said the CM.

“To take care of a cow that has stopped giving milk, a farmer has to spend Rs 40,000. A huge majority of our society are non-vegetarians and this new law is in no way acceptable to us,” added PinarayiVijayan.

(Source: IANS)


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