Bar council Chairman claims, 'Half the people claiming to be lawyers are fake'

The Bar Council Chairman just made a startling remark and suggested half the lawyers roaming around the courts were fake.

In what could come as a massive shock to you, the Bar council Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra recently made startling revelation saying that most of the people roaming around the court claiming to be lawyers in India were, in fact fake.

According to a Times of India report, the BCI chairman told Chief Justice Chief Justice JS Khehar, after a verification drive conducted it was recently found that 45% of the lawyers were actually fake. Providing statistics for his claim, Mishra said that when they conducted the verification drive, they received only 6.5 lakh applications from the lawyers. Whereas, during the 2012 election it was revealed that 14 lakh people who voted were lawyers.

He further said that the verification drive would facilitate to eliminating lawyers who were into business illegally. “The verification drive will certainly improve the quality of our legal profession,” he said.

He also highlighted the fact some of them not only go around practicing law without appropriate law degrees but also practice with a proper license and the authority needs to take cognisance of the situation. While speaking to a gathering at an event Mishra also pointed the delay in the appointment of the Supreme Court judges and called for immediate action. He also urged the Chief Justice to take the necessary steps and train lawyers for a smooth functioning of a legal institution.

“Lawyers serve the society. Lawyers should be the best. The institution should be competent to discharge the obligation. Arrange training for people who join the bar. People who are scared. People who do not know their profession. Help them. You need to help a lawyer one time, he will then fight every case by himself as he will understand how to search for the law. Also teach them ethics. Have good institutions,” TOI quoted Mishra as saying.