Ban PETA websites for showing 'sexually explicit content', demands Tamil Nadu Child rights commission

In a shocking incident, Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights has recommended a ban on PETA websites for "sexually explicit content".

A Child rights activist has filed a complaint saying that the animal rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is carrying sexually explicit content on their website. The complaint asserted that stern action must be taken against PETA since the site is also viewed and accessed by the children.

According to an India Today report, Tamil Nadu Commission for Protection of Child Rights had suggested to block all PETA sites after Enoch Moses, a social activist filed a complaint against PETA. The panel has claimed that they were directed to a nude model website when they tried to search PETA on the internet.

Enoch further asserted that strict action must be taken against PETA since they apparently use sexually explicit content to promote animal welfare. Enoch has also shown objection against PETA allegedly using porn producers and “other women” for the promotion of their website.

This comes amid the uproar over a demand from the state of Tamil Nadu to legalise the bull-taming sport, Jalikattu. The state government and PETA were at loggerheads over the issue where PETA maintained that it was illegal to inflict unnecessary pain on any animals. While, Tamil Nadu government lashed out at PETA and even asserted that they would take legal action against them. The state government claimed that Jallikattu was a part of their culture.

Kamal Haasan who been extremely vocal about his views on, Jallikattu lashed out at PETA asking them “go ban Rodeos” in Donald Trump-led United States. “PETA go ban bull riding rodeos in Mr.Trump’s U.S. You’re not qualified to tackle our bulls. Empires have been made to quit India,” he said in a tweet. PETA hit back at actor Kamal Haasan dare to ban bull riding rodeos in the United States saying that they were an Indian entity and only help animals in India.