As PM Narendra Modi bans red beacons, MLAs upset with long wait at poll booths, security guards asking for IDs

Life seems to change after Prime Minister Narendra Modi banning red beacons, now their vehicles have to wait for several minutes at a toll booth and those at the toll counter could not recognise MLAs

Seems like, MLAs are having a tough time after Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued an order to remove red beacons from the car in order to end the VIP culture. Life seemed to change after removing their red beacons, now they have to wait for several minutes at a toll booth and the people at the tool counter also could not recognise them.

According to a report published in The Indian Express, a first-time Congress MLA who seem not very pleased with doing away of his red beacon which he got soon after taking the oath, “I spent Rs 2,500. Now the beacon is lying at home. I look at it every day and laugh at myself. Why have I become an MLA? To go to my constituency, collect piles of files and bring it to the ministers?” he said.

Soon after taking charge as the Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh too banned the use of red beacons. MLA from Fatehgarh sahib, Kuljit Singh Nagra, while on his way from the national capital to Chandigarh had to wait in a long queue at a tool booth. Once his car reached the booth, the security guard asked his driver who is the MLA, where is the ID?

Almost a month ago, Narendra Modi-led central government announced banning of red beacons from the official cars used by VVIPs. The ban became effective from May 1, 2017. Many officials removed red beacon from their cars soon after the announcement, meanwhile, few seemed not very pleased with the decision.