Arvind Kejriwal's wife Sunita takes on Kapil Mishra over his bribery allegations. It got a bit nasty

Arvind Kejriwal's wife, Sunita Kejriwal responded to the allegations made by sacked AAP minister Kapil Mishra. This is how former AAP minister replied

Photo: (Left- Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal with his wife Sunita  express photo by prem nath pandey, Right-Kapil Mishra PTI Photo)Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s wife, Sunita Kejriwal lashed out at sacked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) minister Kapil Mishra after he alleged that the Delhi CM was involved in corruption. Sunita Kejriwal took to Twitter and put forth a number of questions before Kapil Mishra.

Taking Mishra over his claim that he had seen Arvind Kejriwal take a bribe of Rs 2 crore at the latter’s residence, Sunita asked the former minister to answer when he had actually visited their residence. Taking a sarcastic jibe at Kapil Mihsra, Sunita Kejriwal tweeted, “You used to call me Didi, you should have told me Rs 2 crore came into the house. Okay, tell me when did you come into the house. Like always, I would have offered you a cup tea.”

She further affirmed that Kapil Mishra will have to face consequences for his actions.

Kapil Mishra responded to Sunita Kejirwal’s tweet saying that she was unaware of her husband’s actions and she was only worried about her husband. He added that he was ready to listen to whatever Sunita Kejriwal had to tell him and that he would never say anything against her.

This war of words comes a day after Kapil Mishra held a press conference and alleged that Arvind Kejriwal had lied to people about donations and had even asked Arvind Kejriwal to step down from his post.