Are Indians An Unhappy Bunch? World Happiness Report Says So

India's rank has consistently fallen in the last four years

Hey Indians, feeling too blue these days? Turns out we aren’t happy enough. The World Happiness Report 2019
places India in the 140th position, which is seven spots below last year’s ranking. It seems that the increase in population has led to a decline in the overall happiness quotient.

India’s place in the happiness index has been dropping since 2015 when it was at the 117 position. A Business Today report says that the country ranked 133rd last year. Our country’s rankings have been dropping since 2015 when it stood at the 117th spot.

Subsequently, in 2016 and 2017 the rank fell to 118 and 122 respectively. Even our neighbours – Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have fared much better. Among the 156 nations surveyed by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Finland has been declared the world’s happiest country.