Apart from students, now Mumbai schools set dress code for parents coming for meetings

Also, the parents have to deposit mobile phones at the reception when they are attending any meetings or events

Ahead of the beginning of the academic session 2017, a school in Bandra, Mumbai, has set a new set of instructions regarding the outfit of the parents during important school meetings. They have also been asked to make sure that they should come in a “decent and modest attire”.

These new rules have been implemented Rizvi Springfield School in Mumbai. According to several media reports, it was learned that when parents of class IX student visited the school to collect their children’s report card on March 30, they were given a list of instruction which they need to follow. Also, there was an undertaking saying,”I will always come to school in decent and modest attire. If failed to do so, I will be responsible for the consequences.” Among other things, parents are expected to deposit mobile phones at the reception when they come for meetings or events, not question inappropriately or abuse/mistreat staff “verbally or non-verbally”.

In addition, the parents must deposit mobile phones at the reception when they are attending any meetings or events.

Now, this new rule has started getting criticism from the parents as they one of them said,”Why a school is trying to instruct the parents that what to wear and what not to or whether to carry mobile phones or not?” The parents are also not happy about the school telling them not to oppose the disciplinary action against students.

Few parents have also accused the school of using the undertaking to keep them quiet. In the month of December, a parent withdrew the admission of her child and stated that there are some issues related to the school staff, management and fee hikes.

On the other hand, the school administration has asserted that it was necessary to issue such regulations in order to maintain schools decorum. As stated by the Principal of HVB Global Academy, Mumbai,  the need of talking to parents regardings the what is allowed in the premises is increasing. He said,”Sometimes, parents record some conversation using their phones and they could misuse it. Thus, at this point. we need to communicate that what is right and what is wrong.