Another Inter-Caste Couple Seeks Protection From Family

This incident was reported from Bihar's Bettiah district.

A young inter-caste couple from Bettiah district in Bihar has taken to social media to seek protection from her family members. In a video posted online, the woman says that she is allegedly being threatened by her family members who opposed to her marriage with a man from another caste.

“Father and uncle, please stop troubling me. You cannot involve the police. I am happily married now This is not fake. Please stop troubling Honey’s family members. It is not their fault. Me and Honey take the full responsibility for our actions. Kindly spare us. If you try to harm us in any way, I would have to resort to do something that you might have never even thought about. If something happens to us, Sanjay Sharma and Dhananjay Sharma would be held responsible,” she said, in the video,

The incident comes days after Sakshi Mishra, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Kumar Mishra, posted a similar video on social media appealing for protection from her family after she married a Dalit man.