Annoyed with excessive traffic on DND flyway? Here's what officials are doing to resolve the problem

Long traffic snarls have become a routine on the flyway , especially when the trucks ply by night

The makeshift counters deployed to collect environmental cess and MCD toll on Delhi-Noida Direct (DND) Flyway have become a traffic nightmare for daily commuters. Long traffic snarls have become a routine on the flyway, especially when the trucks ply by night. Till October last year, MCD tax and environment toll were collected at a plaza at the flyway on the Delhi-Noida border.

But the operations at toll plaza stopped overnight after the Allahabad High Court ruled that the Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd (NTBCL) was no longer entitled to charge toll since it had “recovered all reasonable return” from the bridge. NTBCL had dedicated lanes for the collection of this money from heavy vehicles but the HC order forced MCD authorities to set up makeshift counter around 500 metres from the plaza — of the Flyway. But this would lead to massive traffic jams. It must be stated here that the Allahabad HC order pertained to the DND toll and not the MCD toll.

However, authorities in Delhi and Noida are working to come up with a solution. The plan is to use two booths at the existing DND toll Plaza for tax collection.

Speaking with Indian Express, Gautam Buddha Nagar District Magistrate B N Singh said, “Two booths at the existing DND toll plaza are likely to be used for MCD toll collection. A final decision on the matter will be taken soon”.

The IE report also says that a meeting of various stakeholders was held on the issue of traffic congestion along the stretch last week.  “A proposal to use the toll plaza has come to us. Since the issue involves various stakeholders, a meeting was held. A report from them on the matter is awaited and a decision will be taken on the matter soon,” said Amit Mohan Prasad, Noida Authority CEO told the daily.