Amit Shah pissed off with party members at meeting for criticising demonetisation

Amit Shah was mighty putt of with the party members because they happened to slam PM Modi's demonetisation drive saying people are losing patience.

BJP president, Amit Shah who recently held a meeting with party leaders reportedly lost his cool after the leaders apparently slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

According to a report in Scroll, a senior national office-bearers told Shah in a meeting the demonetisation has “backfired” and the party could face problems during elections because of the move. The leaders further affirmed that the party needs to act on the problems faced by the people at earliest.

Some of the members even questioned PM Modi’s decision to do away with the high denomination currency notes saying that party would not have to face criticism had the Prime Minister taken suggestions of all the party members before putting it into action.

According to reports, few leaders in the meeting told Shah that the demonetisation drive had spoiled the Prime Minister’s image and they must do something real soon before people across the nation loose their patience and confidence in the party completely.

It was this response by the party members that apparently angered Amit Shah who had earlier termed the move as a “visionary” step. Amit Shah lashed out the office-bearers and told them to keep faith and work actively to make the Prime Minister’s decision of striving towards a digital economy a success.

Yesterday, BJP leader LK Advani said that he felt like resigning as MP, expressing frustration over the current deadlock in Parliament.

He reportedly told his fellow MPs that former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee wouldn’t have approved of parliamentary disruptions, being seen in both houses of Parliament at present.

The veteran leader’s comments come as India’s opposition parties come together to criticise the Modi government on its Nov 8 decision to ban higher denomination currency notes, a move they say would cause more damage to the Indian economy than it could gain. The ongoing winter session in both the houses of the parliament is being disrupted every other day as the members of the house continue to protest against demonetisation.