Amid communal riots in Basirhat, Muslims are pooling money for Hindu neighbours to rebuild their homes

In the midst of hate and violence in Basirhat area of West Bengal, members of the Muslim community are going out of their way to help their Hindu friends

Amid violence and riots that broke out the Baduria area in Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, there has been some report of communal harmony in the area that will restore your faith in humanity. While some Muslims allegedly ransacked houses and vandalised shops in the area, some Muslims are collecting to money to help their Hindu neighbours.

As per a report in Indian Express, a group of Muslim men urged a Hindu man identified as Ajay Pal to start his shop that had been vandalised during the communal violence with Rs 2,000 that they had pooled in. The report further added that Muslims are pooling in money to help their Hindu neighbours, rebuild their houses and shops that were destroyed in the riots that were triggered after an “objectionable” post went viral on Facebook. Over 100 shops and homes were reportedly deliberately destroyed in Basirhat.

“Even after the demolition of the Babri mosque, our town remained peaceful. What happened since Tuesday was not right. Some outsiders and some of our local boys are to blame. But now we are pooling money for our Hindu neighbours. We want them to forget the losses and start afresh,” Gaji, a local businessman told the daily.

Ajay Pal further told Indian Express, that he had lost good worth Rs 15,000 after hundreds of ransacked his shops and looted him and that his Muslims friends were now insisting him to accept the money to restart his business.

Another member of the Muslim community Ershad Ali Gazi has affirmed that he and his Muslim friends are trying their best to help their Hindu friends so that they rebuild their damaged homes. “It is not a hollow promise. We have told local shop owners that we will give as much as it takes, Rs 2 lakh or Rs 5 lakh. We will help you, whether by pooling money or by collecting subscriptions to cover your losses. Whatever has happened has happened, do not worry anymore, or have any hard feelings. The tradition of Basirhat has been tarnished. This has never happened before,” Indian Express quoted Ershad as saying.

It all started after an “Objectionable post” by Class 11 boy went viral. The boy had allegedly posted a derogatory meme on Prophet Mohammad and Islamic holy site Kaaba. While the police detained him, the angry mobs allegedly attacked Hindus, vandalised shops and demanded that the boy is handed over to them. The state government had to impose Section 144 in the region and suspend internet services. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went on to blame Bharatiya Janata Party for the violence that took place in the region.

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