All 2168 tourists stranded in Andamans have been rescued

The Indian Navy swung into action to rescue 800 tourists stranded in Andamans due to heavy rain. Rajnath Singh has now confirmed that they are safe.

The National Disaster Management authority on Saturday confirmed that over 2168 tourists stranded in Andamans have been rescued.

“No one left stranded. Evacuation from Andaman&Nicobar Islands completed.” National Disaster Management Authority said.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday had earlier announced that all the tourists who were stranded in Havelock in the Andaman and Nicobar islands were all safe.

Adding that he had spoken to the Lieutenant Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Dr. Jagdish Mukh, Rajnath Singh asserted that the rescue operations have begun and the government is currently making efforts to evacuate all the tourists.

He had further said that the government can only start the evacuation process once the “intensity of the cyclone reduces.”

The Indian Navy had taken to Twitter to inform that the Indian navy ha sent 4 ships to rescue over 800 tourists stranded in Havelock in the Andaman and Nicobar islands because due to heavy rains. They said that the four ships had been sailed to start the evacuation process.

The Indian navy has launched a massive rescue operation to help the tourists stranded on the island. According to reports, the civil administration had asked for assistance via a telephonic conversation.

The navy confirmed that the Naval ships Bitra, Bangaram, Kumbhir and LCU 38 had been deployed for evacuation and will transported from Havelock islands to Port Blair.