Agusta Westland scam: Here's why Sonia Gandhi's lawyer sent a legal notice to CNN-News 18

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi's lawyer has sent a legal notice to leading news channel CNN-News 18 for a matter relating to Agusta Westland deal.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi has sent a legal notice to a leading media organisation CNN-News18 for their allegations against the Gandhi family saying that they could be involved in the Agusta Westland Chopper scam deal.

India legal has managed to get their hands on the legal notice which states that the anchor of Zakka Jacob had mentioned during their programme “India at 9” that a “New note written by Agusta middleman and signed by Christen Michel and Guido Haschke” stated, “Note refers to 28 Mn Euro Deal with the family,” while mentioning that as per their sourced the said family here could be the Gandhi family.

The anchor apparently went to assert that the Gandhi family should be interrogated on the basis of those documents. The notice went on to add that another story filed by News 18 correspondent Manoj Gupta with this “exclusive” piece of information was shared widely on the social media and also publicised on their own website.

Terming the allegations as “defamatory” the notice went on to add that these reports were “disparaging” for Sonia Gandhi’s reputation and that the channel should have checked the facts before publishing it with the intent of “sensationalising” the issue.

The notice even said that the channel did not even bother to verify the signatures on the mentioned note.

Devdatt Kamat Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, lawyer who sent the notice on behalf of them has demanded an apology from the channel while removing all the allegations from all the social media platforms including their website. The notice has further asked the channel to “undertake” that they will not publish such allegations.

The lawyer concluded saying that the channel should respond before 21 December or they will be forced to take the legal course of action and this time without serving a notice.