After Jallikattu row, banned Buffalo fight organised in Assam; spectators say it's their 'culture'

After massive protests to conduct Jallikattu, people in Assam went on to organise Buffalo fights by naming it as a part of their culture.

Amid the uproar and controversy surrounding the bull-taming sport and the Supreme court’s verdict on bullfighting, hundreds of spectator gathered in Assam’s Nagaon area to witness the bullfighting sport. The spectators and the organisers who held buffalo fight asserted that it was a part of their culture.

According to reports, more than 15 pairs of buffalos were brought face to face and made to fight in a huge ground. However, it is also being reported the bullfight conducted did not have permission from an authorised person. Neither the state government nor the organisation that organised the event in the past had given its approval for the event.

The Supreme Court, while banning the bull-taming sport in 2014 had clearly mentioned that sports like bullfighting was violating the prevention of cruelty to animals act and urged the Animal Welfare Board of India to keep a check on inflicting unnecessary pain to animals.

The bullfighting sport in Assam has been taking place since 1961 and it has once again sparked the row and debate between the culture and animal cruelty. It was also recently held in the Morigaon district of Assam.

Additionally, after Jallikattu, the demand for Kambala, a buffalo racing festival, continues to grow in Karnataka. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, “We are for Kambala (buffalo race), not against it, it is a rural sports and if necessary we will bring the legislation also”. Kambala, is an 800 year old practice that is held between the months of November to March and is largely performed in the areas of Dakshin Kannada and Tulunadu.

Meanwhile, days after the Tamil Nadu assembly passed a new law to replace the ordinance to conduct Jallikattu, a new petition has been filed in the Supreme Court on January 25 urging to court to ban the controversial bull-taming sport.