After Delhi-NCR, Ola & Uber cab drivers to be on strike in Mumbai roads today

The union has said that they will hold a gathering at Azad Maidan on March 14 and if their demands are not met, members will go on an indefinite strike

After creating almost a chaos in the national capital, the Ola and Uber cab drivers have called for a strike in Mumbai on March 10 demanding an increase in incentives and better earnings. But it is still unclear that how many driver partners of the aggregator firms would be joining this agitation while the union has claimed that it would be an inconvenience for the daily passengers. However, there were no prior notice or announcement made from the Ola or Uber managements.

The union has also said that they will hold a gathering at Azad Maidan on March 14 and threatened that if their demands are not met the strike will continue indefinitely from March 23.

According to a Times News Network report, the aggregator firms have confirmed that most of the drivers will not be participating in the strike. An official from an aggregator firm said,”We have contacted to several drivers and they have confirmed that they will not join the strike and will take bookings on March 10.”

The media report also stated the reasons for the strike after Raju Patil of Sangharsh Tourist Chalakh Malak Sangh asserted that the drivers are not treated well by the firms. He said,”Earnings have gone down by more than 50 per cent and the incentives have been reduced. The drivers are getting paid well hence they are protesting. It has become difficult to survive and get more deals with thousands of cabs on the roads.”

Earlier on February 1o, the Ola and Uber drivers went for a strike in New Delhi after which the city witnessed a severe commutation crisis. The commuters faced delays for the next few days in the National Capital Region (NCR), which enjoys tremendous connectivity thanks to Delhi Metro, the cab services and the buses run by the state transport department. Though the state government has laid extra buses to facilitate commutation, the face-off between the cab-aggregators and the cab-drivers had left the commuters hapless.