AAP controversies: Here's what Yogendra Yadav and Anna Hazare said

Yogendra Yadav said he earlier tried to warn AAP that they were heading in the wrong direction.

Commenting on Anna Hazare expressing his disappointment towards the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which has been hit by a bevy of controversies, former AAP member and Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav said that he earlier tried to warn the party that they were heading in the wrong direction.

“I wish I could say I told you so. A year and a half ago I and Prashant warned, alerted, cried, pleaded did everything to stop them from doing what they were doing. But, what’s the point in saying I told you so, because this is not a moment to gloat or celebrate the demise of the dream called the Aam Aadmi Party,” Yadav told ANI.

He said that it is not just the demise of AAP but along with it of the common man’s dream of clean politics.

“While we may not be in that party, it is a dream of millions of Indians, a dream of clean politics. When that dream sinks, it’s just not these power hungry opportunists people who happen to control Aam Aadmi Party sink, but all of us sink,” he said.

He further said that Anna’s remarks could trigger a thought among the people that all politicians are bad and this is even sadder.

He said that the only constructive way of responding to what Anna is saying, is by creating a new vehicle for alternative politics where politics and ethics go hand in hand.

On being questioned if AAP would introspect after Anna’s remarks and try to mend its ways, Yadav said that he knows what happens inside the party and that there should be no such hopes.

“I used to sit in that room where these discussions used to take place, what was called the PAC, is essentially a small darbar around Arvind these days. And I can well imagine the kind of discussion that will take place,” adding that they only talk about managing Anna and not reflecting on his ideas.

“The only language is that of management of this old man and perception management of the media. The idea that what this old man has to say, is to be heard and responded to and reflected upon would not even touch the people sitting in that room, from all I know,” he said.

“Anna has criticized Aam Aadmi Party more than once on specifics. It is perhaps for the first time that this is an overall indictment and there appears to be some degree of finality to what he is saying,” he added.

Visibly upset with the present controversies surrounding the AAP, veteran social activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday said that he had high expectations from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with whom he has worked in the past.

Hazare said that he had expressed his apprehensions at the time of formation of the AAP with regard to the selection of candidates for the party whose main agenda was to fight anti-social elements.

The social activist also pointed out that Kejriwal did not do a proper scrutiny before inducting people in his party.

Hazare’s reaction comes in wake of the recent controversies surrounding AAP leaders.

Kejriwal had last week sacked Sandeep Kumar from his Cabinet after the sex CD row.

Earlier, AAP’s former Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur was sacked post his allegations against the party of seeking a bribe for election tickets.

In further embarrassment for the AAP, Bijwasan MLA Colonel Devinder Sehrawat claimed he has received “disturbing reports” of women being “exploited” in Punjab with promises of election tickets from the party.

–  ANI