A tree in North Campus is secreting free 'neem beer' and people CANNOT contain their excitement

To everyone's amusement, a tree in North campus is secreting a liquid which is being consumed by a number of people. The best part? It's free!

As bizarre as it may sound, a tree is north campus is apparently giving out free “neem beer”. No, we are not kidding. Naturally, Delhi University’s North campus are pretty amused and excited about this joyous development. Additionally, they have been drinking this “intoxicating” drink for the last five months

According to a report in Hindustan Times, a few months ago people in the north campus discovered that a neem tree in the area is discharging a white liquid since November 2016. However, the tree wasn’t giving out the liquid in small but at least 10 litres per day. And that’s a lot for a tree. Following which, students and even the labourers started waiting in lines to get a glass of the free liquid that was bitter and apparently had a beer-like taste.

Additionally, since the liquid is coming out of a neem tree people believe that the juice may have some medicinal benefits. “A neem tree is secreting a strange white liquid since November 2016. The liquid smells of toddy (naturally alcoholic sap of palm) and tastes somewhat bitter. But people from the campus and outside are collecting it almost every day to drink. They say it is intoxicating,” the daily quoted a North Campus gardener as saying.

The report further said that it was easy to find the tree as one just have to follow the smell and that it can be located by even by someone with a runny nose. “I had two to three glasses of the toddy. It was quite intoxicating. I didn’t fall ill after that. As it is a neem tree, I think, it also has some medicinal properties,” another labourer told HT.