8 things to know about Sasikala, the woman who might take over Jayalalithaa's post in AIADMK

Confidante and close aide of former Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa, Sasikala Natarajan was seen standing next to Amma through thick and thin.

The ruling AIADMK party on Saturday announced that the senior party leaders are urging former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s closest aide Sasikala Natarajan to lead the party.

Sasikala was with Jayalalithaa for all the 74 days that she was admitted at the Apollo hospital in Chennai. People across the nation also believed that it was Sasikala who was taking the major decision while Amma was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

She was also seen standing right next to Amma’s mortal remains throughout the funeral procession when thousands gathered to pay final respects to late Jayalalithaa. It was Sasikala who performed the last rites of the AIADMK supremo, Jayalalithaa.

The unique bond shared by Jayalalithaa and Sasikala led to speculations that she might be the General Secretary of the AIADMK party.

Here are 10 things you need to about the Sasikala Natarajan:

  1. Sasikala is married to M. Natarajan, who worked as a public relations officer in the Tamil Nadu government. However, Sasikala had to open a video renting business after Natarajan lost his job.
  1. It was her husband who had asked an IAS turned politician VS Chandralekha to introduce Sasikala to Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa was working as the Propaganda Secretary of the AIADMK when Sasikala first met Jayalalithaa in 1980. They eventually became really close and Sasikala even started living with Jayalalithaa.
  1. Jayalalithaa also drew flak for the grand wedding of Sasikala’s nephew and Jayalalithaa’s foster son.
  1. In a move that shocked people across the nation, Jayalalithaa expelled Sasikala and her husband along with other relatives after suspecting that they were plotting against her. In fact, it was reported that Jayalalithaa was being given sedatives and chemical substances. Jayalalithaa’s nurse was appointed by Sasikala.
  1. However, Jayalalithaa re-admitted Sasikala in the party after she broke all ties with her relatives and said that she no clue about the conspiracy against the Chief Minister.
  1. Sasikala even went to the jail along with Jayalalithaa in the Disproportionate asset case and were acquitted by the High Court together and found not guilty.
  1. Sasikala never held a specific post in the party but Jayalalithaa relied on her and took her advise important decisions.
  1. Jayalalithaa had even declared Sasikala her udanpirava sagodhari which means a sister not related with blood.

If reports are to be believed that it is Sasikala who will inherit Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden house and other property since Jayalalithaa did not leave a will behind.