5 close friends now among the 10 toppers of AIIMS entrance exam! This was their success mantra

Know how these five friends from same coaching institute cracked top 10 of AIIMS MBBS entrance exams 2017

It’s unprecedented. Never in the history of AIIMS MBBS entrance exams, 10 students of one coaching institute grabbed all the top 10 position. And the best part is that five of them were close buddies. They not only attended their classes together but also found time to discuss topics every evening and solve queries thus saving time they would have spent approaching teachers.

Nishita Purohit (ranked 1st), Harsh Agarwal (5th), Rishab Raj (6th), Harshit Anand (7th) and Abhishek Dogra (9th) bagged five places in the top 10 of the AIIMS MBBS-2017 exam. Since they have prepared together, now they will be pursuing their MBBS course at AIIMS DElhi together.While Purohot is from Gujarat, Harsh and Harshit are from West Bengal, Rishab from Bihar and Abhishek from Maharashtra.All of them came to Kota with only one ambition i.e. to make into a presitigious medicxal college.

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While Purohit has emphasised on the need of studying with the best. “The display of competence by friends or batchmates in every class acted as motivation to perform better than them,” Times of India quoted Purohit as saying. She also pointed out that classroom learning is the most important thing followed by homework completion on a daily basis and revision. Nishita said, she managed to keep away from social medial platforms while preparing for the AIIMS exam, but did not give up her smartphone. “I did not open a facebook account but used WhatsApp for contacting teacher to clear concepts related to the exam,” NOtedly, after 10 years, a girl has bagged the top rank in prestigious exam.

Playing down the importance of rank, Rishab said,” Ranks don’t matter, what matters is many more fun-filled days with old buddies. Our club was not restricted to seeing who solved a puzzle first but always built our confidence when we had scored beneath our expectations in tests.”

He also said that he understands studying in AIIMS would not only raise the expectations ofhis family and friends but of the nation also. “A medical degree from AIIMS will give us a push but, at the same time, expectations would be very high. We will try to do our best,” Raj told TOI.

Another top ranker, Anand from West Bengal said they studied subjects a day in advance. It kept them in the limelight in the classroom. “Every evening we would discuss among ourselves any problems or confusion that arose.” They felt this approach helped save the time they would have spent asking the teacher.” The five friends thanked each other for the healthy competition among themselves

The remaining five students of the top 10 to qualify for AIIMS this year are from the same batch of Kota’s Allen Career Institute. The others in the top 10 were Archit Gupta (2nd), Tamoghna Ghosh (3rd), Nipun Chandra (4th), Rinku Sarmah (8th), Abhishek Dogra (9th) and Manish Mulchandani (10th). Nipun Chandra and Rinku Sarmah have opted for the distance learning programme of the institute, the others have attended Allen’s classroom coaching.