4-year-old dies after cab driver run him over, drives him around for hours delaying medical help

In a horrific incident, a child lost his life after a cab driver ran him over and drove him around for over 5 hours delaying medical help.

In a shocking incident, a four year old boy died after a cab driver ran over him the Mukherjee Nagar area of the national capital on February 10. The cab driver allegedly drove the mother and her bleeding son for over five hours only to tell her that the hospitals were not willing to admit the child.

According to reports, the driver was only trying to convince the mother to not register a complaint with the police. The child died after not receving timely medical assistance following the victim identified as Rohit Kumar died in the cab. The police has reportedly arrested the cabbie. As a report in Times of India, the incident took place last week when the cabbie hit Rohit when he was playing outside his residence.

The cab driver did offer to rush the child and his mother to the hospital but only went on to drive them around and waste time resulting in the death of the child. Rohit’s mother also thanked the cab driver for offering help int he first place. She further told the daily that she left witht the cab driver in a  hurry and did not carry her mobile due to which she could not inform anyone about what was happening. The cab driver reportedly went inside hospitals including the AIIMS and Hindu Rao hospital but came out saying that they had refused to admit the child.

It was only after 5 hours that Rohit’s mother could inform her husband who rushed him to the hospital for treatement. However, the doctors declared him dead on arrival. Vasanti also alleged that the cab driver had threatened to lock her inside the car and set it on fire if she registered a complain witht the police. The cabbie was arrested later that night from his house.