4 crore Muslims sign in favour of triple talaq, want no changes in Islamic Laws, claims AIMPLB

Muslim Law Board stated that the Constitution of India has given full freedom to people to practice their religion

Seems like the standoff between Muslim panel and the government on the issue of triple talaq is not going to end anytime sooner. In the latest development, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has submitted the pro forma to the law commission in which the panel has rejected the uniform civil code and stated that it is satisfied with the Islamic laws.

According to The Economic Times, the 1-page pro forma of the board reads, “We are fully satisfied with the commands of Islamic laws, especially on Islamic orders related to nikah (marriage), talaq (divorce), fasakh (annulment) and virasat (inheritance). We are fully satisfied with and strongly deny the possibility of any type of change in them.”

Giving the reference of the Constitution of India, the board further stated that the Constitution of India has given full freedom to practice their religion. Therefore we will not accept uniform civil code in any form. As claimed by the law board it has received as many as 4 crores signatures of the Muslims who are in the favour of pro forma and don’t want any changes to be made in it.

The decision of the law board has come few days after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to Muslims to not see the triple talaq issue from the political lens. While speaking at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi, PM had said, “I request Muslim society not to politicise the triple talaq issue. Rather, come forward and solve the matter”.