27 US Congressmen to visit India to strengthen Indo-US ties

This is the largest ever travel of US lawmakers to India. The move has been undertaken to strengthen and build India-US ties.

At least 27 US Congressmen are reportedly going to travel to India in the month of February in a bid to strengthen the Indo-US ties. Indian Ambassador to the US confirmed the report stating that it was being done to legislatures from both Republican and Democratic parties are going to make a visit in two separate delegations.

According to a PTI report, the initiative has been taken by the United States is to support the cooperation shown to each other by both the countries. Reports suggest that as per the Congressional records, this is the first time that so many Congress legislatures are travelling to India at once.

The first delegation of 17 Congressmen will be in India from February 20 to February 25 and will halt at Deli and Hyderabad. The lawmakers will have a meeting with a number of political leaders, government officials and members from the non-governmental organisations during their visit.

The second delegation will be in India from February 20 to February 23 and will travel to Delhi and Bangalore. Sarna affirmed they plan to portray the cultural vibrancy and several economic reforms undertaken by the country while giving them a scope to identify the most interesting and fruitful areas of engagement during their visit.

“This is increasingly important as the new administration comes into, We are very fortunate that there are two delegations totaling 27 Congressmen are travelling to India this month, which is not a small figure,” he said.

Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a brief telephonic conversation with the new President of the United States, Donald Trump over a phone call where they spoke about a number of issues including India-US relations and terrorism.

While Donald Trump termed India as a ‘true friend’, PM Modi asserted that he had a “warm” conversation with Trump and has even invited him to visit India. PM Modi took to Twitter to share the conversation he had with Trump saying that the United States President and him have agreed to work closely in the coming days to improve US-India ties.