26-year-old man diagnosed with online binge watching addiction. Here's what the symptoms were

A 26-year-old man has been diagnosed with addiction of online binge watching. Here's are the symptoms he displayed that helped the doctor find a cure

A 26-year-old man working in Gurgaon who approached the doctor with complaints of depression and anxiety has been diagnosed with binge watching addiction. The man’s consulting doctor has said that the man kept binge-watching shows and spent a lot of time on the internet leading to sleep deprivation. The psychiatrist further stated that the man initially displayed signs of stress and anxiety. However, the doctor found out after speaking to his mother that he would not be able to wake up in the morning due to lack of sleep.

“He wanted to watch entire documentaries online in one go, during normal sleep hours. A single documentary is two-three hours long. For two years, he kept binge-watching shows, which led to sleep deprivation. He didn’t realise that this addiction resulted in him suffering from critical symptoms of depression, mind absenteeism and anxiety. He thought it was due to work stress and interpersonal issues,” Dr Manish, consultant, department of psychiatry, BLK Super Speciality Hospital was quoted as saying.

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The man reportedly could not stop binge watching despite his hectic schedule which included travelling 60-80km to work and a nine-hour shift. He could not concentrate on work and suffered from anger issues, emotional outbursts and depression.

He also would not want to participate in family events and had become irritable. “In this case, it was binge watching. The man had become irritable and withdrawn and would not take part in family activities. His family, too, did not know this was a consequence of binge watching,” the doctor said while describing the man’s condition.

The man who did not realise the effects binge watching was had on him, is currently being treated and has undergone psychotherapy.

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