22-year-old boy from Bangalore builds mini-satellite out of Red Bull and Beer cans

Think empty soda cans are supposed can only go into the bin? Let this Bengalurean who turned soda cans into mini-satellites change your mind

What do you do with the empty beer cans, red bull or any other beverage cans? You probably throw it away thinking it to be of no use. However, the 22-year-old Bangalorean who is a computer engineer from BMS Institute Technology turned the empty cans into a mini satellite, No, we are not kidding.

According to a Times of India report, the 22-year-old identified as Suraj Kumar Jana made use of the empty cans stocked up and made a mini satellite out of it. The report stated that Suraj transformed cans of beer, Red Bull, and Coke into a mini satellite to generate an open-source database on various city parameters including temperature, traffic congestion, and pollution levels. Suraj is the founder of Opencube Labs (OCL) which is a research and development startup and promotes Space Research and Technology Development.

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The project is reportedly similar to the CanSat Development Programme. A CanSat is a type of sounding rocket payload used to teach space technology. The daily further reported that the minisatellite that was launched from the Yelahanka Air Force base is controlled descent with the help of a parachute and transfers the recorded data to the ground station.

“The data collected by these mini-satellites include temperature and pollution levels, quality of air and water, ultra-violet penetration and traffic congestion levels in the city. These data can help in research purposes and our civic bodies can even use them to implement better policies,” Suraj told Times of India.

“Receiving a real-time experience of small-scale space missions isn’t that reasonable and goes beyond the affordability of Indian, middle-class students. Through our workshops, we provide students a first-hand knowledge on making, operating and launching of satellites,” he added.

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