2 men beg to fund 'luxurious lifestyle' for politicians in Uttarakhand

Two common men took to streets to beg, in a bid to fund minister "luxurious lifestyles" of the politicians in Uttarakhand

In a bid to stage a protest against alleged corruption by politicians, two men from Bageshwar area of Uttarakhand took to streets to beg to collect funds for the “luxurious lifestyles” of the ministers. The men identified as Ramesh Pande and N B Bhatt begged in the streets for one day and collected Rs 2,642.

According to a report in Times of India, the duo took the streets as they believed that the government who is also already reeling under debt was also trying to incur the cost of the lifestyles that the ministers lead. “The state is reeling under a debt of Rs 45,000 crore which will be taken from the taxpayer. The government has already turned into a beggar so we decided to beg and give money to the CM so he could meet expenses of his cabinet and officers,” Ramesh Pande told Times of India.

Both of them started begging on June 3 and went door to door asking people to give charity to the ministers. They also held a placard with them that read, “Netaon Ke Aisho Aaram Ke Liye Bheekh Do.”

One of the witnesses told the daily that even though they were shocked with the move undertaken by the two men, the people did extend their support considering that their intent was not wrong, the daily reported. The report further stated that they intended on giving away the money they collected to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand,  Trivendra Singh Rawat. This is not the first time that Rakesh and Bhatt have come together for a social cause. Friends since 1976, both of them had also actively participated in the famous Chipko movement and have also been a part of several other anti-liquor protests.

Trivendra Singh Rawat took oath as the chief minister of Uttarakhand in the month of March after Bharatiya Janata Party registered a landslide victory in the state.


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