15 year old rape survivor gangraped by her father's friend and 3 teenagers for 30 hours in Mumbai

A teenage rape survivor allegedly gangraped by her own father's friend and three other teenagers in a room for 30 hours in Mumbai

In a horrific incident, a 15-year-old rape survivor was allegedly kidnapped and gangraped by her father’s friend and three others for over 30 hours in Bhandup area of Mumbai. The accused reportedly threatened to kill her if she protested.

According to reports, on July 5, the girl’s father’s friend visited her house and told her parents that he was taking her out for some time. Since the person was known to the family, they let her go with him. The girl was allegedly taken to a room in Kanjurmarg when by her father’s friend and three other teenagers took turns to rape her.

Her parents registered a complaint with the police station after their daughter did not return home. The girl managed to flee from the hotel and reached home the next day around 9:30 PM. Her parents rushed her to Sion hospital after looking at her condition. Following which, a complaint against her father’s friend and three others was lodged with the police. The police have managed to arrest 3 in connection with the case whereas one is still absconding.

“The girl was taken to Kanjurmarg, where this 32-year-old called three boys, each 19 years old. One of the boys said they would take her to his place, where they started raping her one after another. After raping her for almost 30 hours, they left her near Mankhurd. She somehow managed to reach home,” Mid-Day quoted a police source as saying.

As per a report in Mid-day, the girl was raped by her grandfather when she was 11 years old. Her grandfather was convicted by the court and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. She had also reportedly filed a complaint of rape against her cousin in 2012.

“She was raped by her own grandfather, when she was 11 years old. He was arrested at that time and sent to jail. The next year, her cousin raped her,” said an officer. “Last year she was kidnapped by a person. This is really serious and raises questions about the attempts made to rehabilitate her,” A police official told the daily.

The girl is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital and will receive counselling once she is out of the hospital.

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