How 14 Plastic Bags Have Left Kolkata Horrified

The police have decided to conduct a forensic examination of the bags to establish what's actually in the bags

A shocking incident has left Kolkata horrified after the police found 14 ‘foetuses’ wrapped in white plastic sheets at a vacant plot on Sunday, September 3.

The incident took place in Haridebpur and plastic bags were sent to M R Bangur Hospital for post-mortem.

According to a report in The Indian Express, police were initially under the impression that they contained dumped foetuses. However, doctors unwrapped them to find medical waste and dry ice inside.

“Doctors have opined that no human tissue was found in the plastic sheets recovered from Haridebpur. The contents are being examined,” Praveen Tripathi, Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police, told The Indian Express on Sunday evening.

Initially, it was claimed the ‘dumped foetuses’ were linked to a possible abortion racket. All the hospitals and private nursing homes in the city have been put under the scanner.

The plastic bags were first noticed by some labourers working on the plot, which is walled and full of bushes. Police said that the plot had no source of light. The CCTV footage of a house opposite the plot didn’t cover the area under its range, a report in The Telegraph said.

Now, the police have decided to conduct a forensic examination of the bags to establish what’s actually in the bags.