13-year-old Haryana boy develops a bike which runs on solar energy

A solar panel has been attached to the bike which provides the power to the bike to run

We Indians are known for our innovative skills all across the world. The history is full of such instances when the people have come out making something fascinating within minimum available resources. Whether it be a car running on water or making a chopper regulated on the engine of a Maruti car, we Indians are no less in taking the challenge to do something new and leave the world awestruck. Adding another wonder to this list, a 13-year-old boy hailing from Rewari, Haryana has made a bike which could run on solar power.

Something which could only be imagined has been turned into real by this young teen, Avneet Kumar. As per the pictures posted by the news agency ANI on their official twitter handle, a solar panel has been attached to the bike which is placed behind the seat. The bike which is in the picture is a tricycle and could run completely on solar energy.

While talking to the media person, Avneet Kumar expressed his wish of making an economic car as well which would run on solar energy. He said,”My dream is to make a solar powered car that would cost lesser than Tata’s Nano car.”

Now if this technology could be fit with those bikes which run on petrol then it could give a great boon for the environment as there will no pollution from the two-wheelers at least. However, it could also be a tough competition for the battery vehicle manufacturers. And not the less, it will also be a great relief to the pockets of the bike riders who have to pay a large sum of money to get fuel for their vehicle.