11 reasons why Rajasthan HC judge thinks cow should be declared a national animal

Saying that cow should be declared a national animal, Rajasthan HC judge Mahesh Chand Sharma said that cow milk prevents cancer

The Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday asked the state government to take necessary steps in coordination with the Centre to declare cow as a national animal. Claiming that “no crime is more heinous than cow slaughter,” a single-judge bench of Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma said his verdict was his “soul’s voice”.

In his 145-page order, Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma said that like Nepal, India should also declare cow as a national animal. “Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared cow as the national animal. India is a predominant agriculture country based in animal rearing. As per Article 48 and 51A (g) it is expected from the state government that they should take action to get a legal entity for cow in this country.”

He gave the verdict while hearing the Hingonia Gaushala matter where over a hundred cows had perished at the government-run cowshed in Jaipur last year. The bench also gave the liberty to any person to approach the court with a plea in a PIL to declare cow as a national animal.

Here are 11 reasons as per a report in the Hindustan Times on why the Rajasthan HC judge, just on the day of his retirement, said that cow should be declared a national animal.

1. In his verdict, the judge said that 33 crore gods and goddesses reside inside the cow. He also added that the cow first came to life after it appeared along with goddess Laxmi during the churning of the ocean in Hindu mythology.


Cow National animal, Rajasthan HC Judge

Hindu Gods and Goddess depiction in cow

2. He believes that a cow is a hospital in itself as it is the only living being on this earth which intakes oxygen and emits oxygen.

3. Not just cow, he also spoke of the benefits of its urine. He said that drinking cow urine rids people of the sins that they may have committed in the previous life.

4. Justice Sharma said that cow urine slows down ageing and keeps the liver, heart and mind healthy.


5. Cow milk prevents cancer from entering the blood cells.

6. He also stated that cow dung is known to have killed cholera germs.

7. Cow’s intestine is 180 feet long and its milk has Keratin which produces vitamin A in human bodies.

8. The verdict states that the cow absorbs “cosmic” energy through its horns.

9. He also quoted a Russian scientist in his verdict stating that coating the walls of the house with cow dung will protect the inhabitants from radiation.


10. He stated that since cow dung can generate biogas, the country can save 6.80 lakh tonnes of firewood and save 14 crore trees from being cut if all cow progeny generates biogas.

11. Mooing of cow kills the pathogens in the air.


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