10 year old girl in hospital after school forces her to do 200 sit ups for not braiding her hair

A class five student in Gujarat had to be rushed to a hospital after the school authorities forced her to do 200 sit-ups in an hour

A class five student had to be rushed to a hospital after the school authorities forced her to do 200 sit-ups in one hour. The incident took place at an an English-medium school in Maninagar on Monday. Lalita Green Lawns School had mandated two braids for the girl students. As Honey Prajapati ( the victim) had a swelling in her head, she could not comb her hair properly and went to school tying one braid only, Times of India reported.

Honey’s father Pravin Prajapati on Monday lodged a complaint at Maninagar police station, accusing the school authorities of using corporal punishment. Meanwhile the district education officer has initiated a probe into the incident.

Prajapati, who runs a tea stall in Maninagar, said when Honey went to the school with ponytail, the class teacher escalated the matter to a trustee, identified as Vinniben, after which Honey was taken to the principal’s office. When 10-year-old told them about the swelling in her head, they did not listen to her and punished her. The school has rule mandating two braids but she had tied her hair in a ponytail. According to reports, the child’s ordeal was captured on CCTV. When the girl returned home, she could barely stand due to the swelling in her legs, later she was taken to a private hospital.

“It was already a trauma that she was humiliated in front of other students. However, when she came back home at about 12.30pm, she was crying in pain and could not stand properly due to the swelling in her legs, my wife told me about the incident after which we took her to LG Hospital,” Prajapti told TOI. Dr Tejas Patel who is treating Honey told Ahmedabad Mirror that the punishment has affected the girl’s legs. She has a muscle pull and she is yet to walk properly.


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