Sunny Leone's documentary 'Mostly Sunny' is one of the most watched movies on Netflix

Sunny Leone's documentary 'Mostly Sunny', directed by Dilip Mehta, is proving itself to be hit as it continues to trend on Netflix in India.

Sunny Leone’s documentary titled ‘Mostly Sunny’ is the hot trend on Netflix, just as it has been for aeons. Directed by Dilip Mehta, the documentary arrived on Netflix a few months ago and it hasn’t left the top trending suggestions ever since and rightfully so because the documentary helps us better understand the actress that close-ones better know as Karenjit Kaur Vohra. Mostly Sunny outlines the story of Sunny Leone “from porn star to Bollywood princess” and presents a deeper insight into her life.

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Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone’s documentary titled ‘Mostly Sunny’ featurs unseen footage and interviews of her family and friends.

Mostly Sunny reveals a lot of personal details about the actress like how she adopted her brother’s name to use as her stage name in the adult film industry and how her bold decisions stirred her family. These intricate details of her life make the film a must watch for every Sunny Leone fan. And if you dislike her, well, watch it anyway ’cause you might end up changing your opinion of her.

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Sunny Leone

Mostly Sunny presents a never-seen-before side of Karenjit Kaur Vohra aka Sunny Leone. (photo: Instagram/Sunny Leone)

At the beginning of her career, Sunny did not think it would be a big deal to be working in the adult film industry. She had the support of her brother but when her parents found out, they were heartbroken. Sunny talks about facing the guilt of hurting her late parents and overcoming it to become the international sensation that she is today. After suffering great loss in family and friends, Sunny Leone greatest support, her husband Daniel Weber, empowered her to do better. Revealing this emotional side of the actress that people ignore (or rather, choose to ignore) is what makes Mostly Sunny a treasure.


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