Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu finally reveals story behind 'Tu Beer Hai' dialogue from TVF Pitchers

Jitendra Kumar, who played the character of Jitendra Maheshwari in TVF Pitchers, spoke about the iconic Tu Beer Hai scene in an exclusive interview

Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu from The Viral Fever (TVF) is not somebody who needs an introduction. He has maintained a consistent presence in many of the TVF shows and has become a YouTube sensation. Jeetu’s USP his ability to connect with the millennials, whether it be through his act of convincing his parents to let him join the army or his dream to venture into a start-up with friends. Every time a new video featuring Jeetu releases, it goes viral. He has quietly and subtly become an icon many looks up to. When pointed to the immense love he has received, Jeetu says that is exactly what motivates him.

One of the most loved shows of which Jeetu became a part was TVF Pitchers, which aired in August 2015. The tale of four friends- Naveen Bansal (Naveen Kasturia), Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitender Kumar), Yogendra Kumar Pandey (Arunabh Kumar) and Saurabh Mandal (Abhay Mahajan) showcased the dream of many young and ambitious people. The crux of this much-loved show revolved around what makes a start up work, what the challenges the founders face and what keeps them going. It also gave the millennials their friendship mantra- ‘Tu beer hai’. These three words reflected the young mindset, four friends telling each other how important they were to each other.

When asked about the scene which defined the series, Jeetu said that philosophy needed to be taught in a fun manner. Speaking to InUth over the phone, Jeetu spoke about the iconic scene. He said:

When the story was written for the first time, a scene in which a senior talks about his plans was very much a part of the series. It was Biswa’s (Biswapati Sarkar) thought. His idea was to add a creative tinge to philosophy because if said in a normal manner, lesson doesn’t leave an impact. He wanted to make it entertaining. So since everyone was sitting in a bar and the most basic thing available was beer and he used it to give a life lesson. When I heard it, I knew it was going to be very popular. It was appealing and I am glad people still remember it.

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When asked about what was going on in his mind during shooting that scene or other videos and Jeetu says:

I am generally very nervous. I try to rehearse a lot. I sit alone and rehearse my lines just so I can go in front of the camera and mouth by lines in the most real way. And I guess that works for me.

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Jeetu was recently a part of Airtel Connected Live, Internet’s first LIVE reality show. He stayed in a house without any contact with the outer world for three days.

TVF Pitchers would be returning for a second season soon.


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